Rodrigo Abela

principal - Washington, dc


Rodrigo Abela is the principal in charge of GGN’s Washington, DC office and is currently responsible for handling the majority of GGN’s east-coast projects. His award-winning work is recognized for its striking clarity in form, materials, and purpose. Rodrigo's design work has been focused in urban centers around the country at a variety of scales and is informed both with a thoughtful incorporation of the human experience and clear understanding of the fabrication and construction process.

Rodrigo's design talent and leadership distinguish many of GGN's projects. Drawing on his background in engineering, architecture, and landscape architecture, he thrives in navigating the design process of complex urban sites, as well as the collaborative process of working with fabricators and contractors during construction. 

Rodrigo holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture and a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Virginia.